Foreword by Chairman

Bimasena was born out of the desire of Indonesia to have her own Petroleum Club, which is common among oil producing countries. At that time Pertamina had a club already, catering the need of its members to have a place where members can interact, discussing non-oil related subjects at their leisure, enjoying musical and cultural performances, but unfortunately, it did not attract member’s interest sufficiently. The club deteriorated and ultimately was used for a purpose not related to the oil and gas industry.

Bimasena, The Mines and Energy Society, the incarnation of the old Pertamina Oil Club came into being in the early months of 1996 and officially inaugurated on 1 December 1997 by Suharto, The President of The Republic of Indonesia, during the opening of the OPEC Ministerial Conference.

The objective of Bimasena is to be the center and synergy of the mines and energy community in Indonesia and to be the focal point for regional and international forums through facilitating business and social interactions and programs. Bimasena also aims to enhance business relations of the mines and energy industry in the Asia-Pacific Region. Essentially Bimasena is conceived as a distinguished home and private club and members are from various standings with common interest in the mines and energy industry. Indonesia is rich in natural resources, particularly oil, gas, geothermal, coal, also gold, copper, bauxite, nickel and tin, which play an all important role in the development of the Indonesian economy. Bimasena intents to play an active role to attract investment in mining, energy and power, which form the engine of growth of the Indonesian economic development.

In the past years Bimasena has already hosted many international energy events, in November 1997 as the venue of the 103rd General Conference of the organization of oil exporting countries (OPEC). The Jakarta International Energy Conference (JIEC) was convened on 12-16 July 2000 and also The Indonesia-China Energy Forum was held by Bimasena. Bimasena also hosted The Houston Energy Dialogue in Houston. Discussions on the preparation of the oil and gas law, and the law of electricity took also place at BIMASENA. The saying goes that one cannot live by oil alone and therefore BIMASENA’S program give good attention to the Indonesian art and culture to sustain the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia. Programs are also held to create awareness to the environment.

Membership of Bimasena is by invitation or recommendation by members. Membership categories are corporate and individual membership, covering executives and professionals from a wide sector of Indonesia’s business and social communities especially related to the mines and energy. The exclusive and serenity in all the facilities at Bimasena will assure of a pleasant and protected privacy of members activity. There is also a unique atmosphere at the Spa. An experience of luxuriant service meeting rooms, equipped with multimedia and teleconference, dining facilities, which project ease, style and sophistication of culinary excellence. A fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pool complete the facilities at Bimasena.