Security & Safety


The Security and Safety of guests at Bimasena is of great importance. The Security System is a combination of visible and behind the scenes attentive observation. This policy maintains the balance of remaining vigilant without interfering the comforts and privacy of guests.

Internal and External Security Personnel

Internally and externally the security personnel operate 24 hours in Bimasena.


A 2.2 meters high iron fence protects Bimasena from direct external contacts. Security post at the entrance of Bimasena also filters the cars coming in to Bimasena.

Walk-through Detector

A walk-through/metal detector is placed at the entrance of Bimasena to identify guests and objects entering the Lobby.

CCTV Cameras

There are CCTV (close-circuit TV) surveillance cameras in Bimasena equipped with digital system. These CCTV cameras are located in strategic locations.

K-9 Team

Bimasena security facilities include the K-9 Team, a special dog team with the purpose of detecting explosive material such as TNT, black powder and potassium.

Safety Briefing

Safety briefing is provided to business meeting participants to explain the fire equipment condition according to the international standard and to give direction for evacuation should an emergency situation occurs.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety deposit boxes are available at The Private Suites of The Bimasena Spa to store guest’s valuable belongings when they have Spa treatment/s. The Safety Deposit boxes can only be accessed by the security should guests forget the passwords.

Fire and Emergency

All emergency exit doors are equipped with an alarm and monitored 24 hours per day from the security office. Routine inspections are conducted once a year by The Jakarta City Fire Department. The following fire precautionary systems are also in place within Bimasena:

  • 15 Fire extinguishers.
  • 15 Hydrants.
  • Smoke detectors and sprinkle system in all rooms.
  • Heat detector in Bimasena kitchen.
  • Fire training/drill for the staff on a regular basis.

Other Supporting Elements

  • The South Jakarta District Police Station is located approximately 300 meters from Bimasena
  • The Pertamina, The Women and Children and The SOS Hospitals are located 10 minutes away.
  • 24 hours in-house clinic is available in Bimasena.