Conveniently reached 45 minutes by air from Jakarta on a regular 737 jet, BELITUNG (formerly known as BILLITON) are small tropical islands with a clear blue sea, lush tropical forest, and sterling white Quartz-like sandy beaches with diverse shapes of stones, fenced by coconut trees. Located on the east coast of Sumatra between the South China and the Java Sea, the islands are historically known for their tin mines and pepper. Surrounded by straits and bays, the sea around the islands is calm and shallow and has beautiful underwater scenery. With a small population consisting of different ethnic groups, BELITUNG Islands have unique traditional ceremonies and fascinating culture. The Dutch lighthouse and Chinese temples are evident proof of Dutch and Chinese presence in the early 1800 and 1900.

BILLITON HOTEL AND KLUB, a newly opened hotel supported by The Dharmawangsa, is a modern expression of comfort and style inspired by the Indonesian heritage of Belitung Islands. The hotel has a unique historical atmosphere of the Chinese, the Dutch and the early era of the Republic of Indonesia. It is located in the city of Tanjung Pandan, the capital of BELITUNG Islands.

BILLITON HOTEL AND KLUB can arrange a tour on BELITUNG Islands (next page)


It includes hotel and meals, islands tour by boat (each island with unique character: stony beaches, mystical and historical), barbecue lunch on the privately owned island’s beach, swimming in the natural lagoon, sun set on the boat with fisherman attraction. Fishing, snorkeling, and diving are also available. (Subject to good weather condition). Also included mountain tracking to Gunung Tajam with breathtaking waterfall scenery, forest conversation, exploring various tin mines, visiting the original site of the popular “Laskar Pelangi” film, Tanjung Pandan city tour: gift shopping, visit to historical site and exploring unique local culture.

Best weather: April to October

With 24 rooms, a pool verandah coffee shop, an outdoor swimming pool, meeting rooms, and a Grand Ballroom of Dutch heritage, BILLITON HOTEL AND KLUB is only 15 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes walk from Tanjung Pendam Beach.