BIMASENA, The Mines and Energy Society, has proven to be an effective bridge between the private sector and the Indonesian Government, enabling the stakeholders in the energy sector to give valuable input particularly with regard to the preparation of the law on energy.

BIMASENA also aims to enhance the business relations of the mines and energy community in the Asia Pacific Region through interactions and dialogues.

Immediately since its conception in 1997, BIMASENA has organized and involved in many national and international conferences on mining, energy and related sectors.

For social and dedicated programs, Bimasena has responded to the expectations of the Members and the Indonesian Society in general, to organize well-profiled and selective programs that benefit the high standing of the Members and Bimasena’s image as an exclusive gathering place.

The selected programs include the annual Independence Day Concert, exquisite and special composed traditional classical dance performances. Also of significance is the involvement of Bimasena in the vital conservation drive of the environment and the endangered plant species with the Botanical Gardens of Indonesia Foundation (YKRI), and the WWF, which is of great concern worldwide.

Significant perceptions from members and audience have inspired BIMASENA in the choice of its programs, which is in accordance with its mission nationally and internationally to also promote the sublime cultural heritage of Indonesia. These programs express the concern of the Mines and Energy Society to encourage the appreciation and sustainability of the rich cultural traditions that is Indonesia’s heritage.

BIMASENA is committed to delivering the highest quality of services for its events and gives high attention to details – timely, prudent and satisfactorily.