“Reinforcing the Mutual Cooperation in the Energy Sector”
22 December 2008, Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia

After ICEF 1 in 2002 in Bali, and ICEF 2 in 2006 in Shanghai, PR China, the 3rd ICEF in 2008, is to further steps to realize the agreements reached.

The sectors Oil and Natural Gas, Coal and Electricity and Renewable Energy were focused to explore opportunities and possibilities for better cooperation between Indonesian and Chinese enterprises for technology and investment.

In the area of oil and gas there are huge opportunities to explore with relations already built by previous forums. Indonesia is in need of more electricity generating plants whereby coal plays a very important role. Soon development of green and clean coal will become of major attention for a better environment. Indonesia hosted the 1st meeting of D8 working group on Mining and Mineral on 12 December 2008 which produced drafts of action plans and recommendations, pointing coal as an important part of energy exploration.
Renewable energy shall be the main issue when fossil based energy becomes more expensive as well as the preference for a cleaner environment.

This 3rd ICEF has shown a reinforced relation between businessmen from Indonesia and PR China for better investment opportunities and closer relations for the interest and prosperity of the two countries.

This one-day forum concluded with the signing of eight B-to-B of investment opportunities and a Chinese-Indonesia dinner evening.

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