Workshop: Microseismicity for Geothermal "Is It Applicable".

9-10 December 2013 at Lobby Lounge-Grha Bimasena

Indonesian Geothermal Association in cooperation with The Institute of Earth Science and Engineering of The University of Auckland and Bimasena, The Mines and Energy Society, has conducted a special two-day training/workshop for Scientist, Geoscientist and Project Managers.

Course Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Andrews and Kenneth (Keg) Alexander

Course Description: This two-day course is centred on lectures and exercise to introduce Microseismicity for Geothermal reservoir exploration and monitoring.

Key Learning Objectives: To introduce basic knowledge on the analysis and interpretation of microseismicity during exploration and exploitation of a geothermal field.

Subjects Covered Include:

  • Sources and signatures of microseismicity
  • Analysis techniques to investigate fracture and velocity structure
  • Interpretation and integration of results.
  • Seismometer array design
  • Monitoring best-practice

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