Workshop: Development of Renewable Energy Power Generation

6+7 March 2014, Boardroom-Grha Bimasena


  • Provide information on the development of Renewable Energy Power Plant in Indonesia, clarify the regulations, introduction of technology and examples of cases that includes technology, business process and feasibility analysis.
  • Other than that to also support networking interest among the power business stakeholders, especially with regard to the aspect of financing, for an exchange of information and benchmarking, experience, breakthrough ideas, and the comprehension of concrete steps to face the challenge and prospect on electricity availability of “mega” scale, small and medium range.

This exercise is beneficial for participants from all regions:

  • Analyze Policies, Legal Regulations and Guidelines in the field of Energy, Finance and Taxation, and also the Regulations valid at PT PLN for Renewable Energy Power Plant Standard Contracts in Indonesia.
  • Study the latest technology of Solar Power Plants and Mini-hydro Power Plants, Comprehension of Business Opportunities and Anticipation of Possible Investment Risks in the electricity sector.
  • For Academics and Professionals this workshop can add to the experience and practical knowledge of the world electricity business.


  • Stakeholders in the field of Electric Power Project Development
  • Banks/Finance Institutions
  • Project Engineers, Project Managers, Power Project Investors
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