Thursday, February 18th, 2016 – Lobby Lounge, Grha Bimasena

“Pancasila Sebagai Pandangan Hidup Bangsa Indonesia” written by the late Prof. M. Soediman Kartohadiprodjo and translated in English “Pancasila as The Philosophy of Life of the Indonesian Nation” by Prof. Budiono Kusumohamidjojo was discussed with speakers: Prof. Subroto, Chairman of Bimasena, Mr. Yudi Latif, Ph.D., Chairman of Center for Islamic Studies and State-Indonesia (PSIK-Indonesia), Prof. Budiono Kusumohamidjojo, Professor of Legal Faculty at Parahyangan University and the moderator, Prof. Makarim Wibisono, former Indonesian Ambassador to the United Nations.

The conclusion of the forum: #1. Pancasila has a strong resistance to the effects of globalization. #2. Pancasila has a mechanism to counteract the religious radicalism. #3. Pancasila also choose a middle way between the homogenization of local identity versus chauvinistic nationalism. #4. Pancasila prioritizing the role of the state rather than individualistic democracy #5. Economically, Pancasila also took a stance against the injustice of capitalismsm

A further discussion on this subject was suggested.

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